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Home Office Loft Conversion

With the number of start-up firms and self-employed workers rising all the time there is an increasing number of businesses being operated out of the home. For a number of people, this can cause a few issues with where to locate the office and store the inevitable paperwork that piles up. It is tackling these issues that are just one of the benefits of a commercial loft conversion, and there are a number of others for those converting to the cause.

Out of Sight out of Mind

For the legions of hard-grafting self-employed works and sole traders getting away from work is one of the hardest elements to get right. Complicating matters will actually be your home office. All too often in a corner of the living room, dining room or kitchen, it can seem that the computer and files are always begging to be attended to. With an office loft conversion such reminders can be easily put to bed at the end of the working day offering at least a little respite in the evening.

Your Home Commute

Another common issue that a number of freelance and home workers face is achieving that separation from the home office – managing to keep the home aspect and the work aspect sufficiently apart. A complication to this end is the lack of a commute; of a change of environment and scenery. When your commute is to head to the spare bedroom next door or take a pew in the kitchen, there is always something lacking. A commercial loft conversion helps with this somewhat.

Being a very definite and independent space allows for natural separation and can be decorated and furnished in an entirely unique way from the family home. However, it is still a good idea to go for a bracing 20 or 30 minute walk, perhaps grabbing a coffee from your favourite independent, before heading upstairs for another day at the coalface.

Cash in the Attic

The benefits of a commercial loft conversion are not only limited to the practicalities – they can also make a real difference to the bottom line. Any home office will, of course, negate the need for separate premises but, shifting operations up to the loft allows for operational business finances to be optimised. For example, it is easier to separate heating and electricity bills. For any plumbed in conversions too, a separate supply point could also be investigated. There is also the point that, as and when it comes time to move home, a converted loft will always add to the asking and agreed selling price.

These are just three benefits that make a commercial loft conversion from Up Another Level Loft Conversions Limited such a successful choice for many home business. With your attic conversion able to be tailored exactly to your needs and wants we can help you rise up and fulfil those lofty ambitions you’ve always had for your own, unique, business. Contact us today to discuss your next step on the ladder.

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