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How loft conversions inspired the design of OMMX architects’ Naked House

In the last week, you may have come across OMMX architects’ Naked House project. Naked House are a non-profit sector group of community builders. Their aim is make housing affordable in Greater London, especially as the average house price in the capital is £580,000. This puts home ownership out of the reach of many key workers. Not least the stories of shoebox sized flats selling for the price of a semi-detached house in Hall Green.

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Creative Uses of a Loft Conversion #1: a safe place for your personal library

Loft library image by Who Is Danny? (via Shutterstock).

A bibliophile’s paradise: a library and study could be a good use for a newly converted loft. Image by Who Is Danny? (via Shutterstock).

Many people opt for loft conversions as a way of adding space to their home. They could be a most helpful way of shifting clutter from your living room or bedrooms. If you prefer to have a minimalist living room, the last thing you want are shelves and nick-nacks cluttering your lounge. What if you’re a book lover who cannot move for your personal library?

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How room in roof conversions offer a budget option

Room In Roof Conversions image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Cheap and Cheerful: a Room in Roof Conversion offers a no frills form of loft conversion which is suitable for budget conscious customers. Image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Did you know that the average loft conversion costs £35,000? The thirty-five grand figure is the going rate for a dormer loft conversion. Higher up the cost scale, you’re looking at £50k, if you need to raise the roof level – or change a hipped roof to a gabled roof to free up space. The lowest price for a loft conversion is around the £15,000 to £20,000 mark. For your £20k, you are talking about room in roof conversions. Read more »

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How loft conversions boost your home value by an average of 21%

Loft conversion boost image by ImageFlow

Bedroom At The Top: An attic conversion into a spare bedroom – especially with an en suite bathroom – may result in a 21% boost in your home’s value. Image by ImageFlow (via Shutterstock).

From Marston Green to Stechford, or Penkridge to Longbridge, many people turn to Up Another Level as a way of boosting space in their home. Loft conversions can offer another boost, especially in prosperous areas. Read more »

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A look at how hip to gable conversions can add space to your home

Leamington 1

In the field of loft conversions, there are three main types of conversion styles. One is the dormer roof conversion, which is the most commonplace variety. Another one is a Mansard loft, which we have covered in our previous article on the subject. The third one we are focusing on for this post, are hip to gable roof conversions. With this style, part of a hipped roof is converted to a gabled roof. Read more »

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A look at how mansard lofts can add space to your home

Mansard lofts image by RedTC (via Shutterstock).

Colourful: if James Stirling or Terry Farrell did Mansard lofts, they would look like this one. Image by RedTC (via Shutterstock).

In the field of loft conversions, there are three main types of conversion styles. One is the dormer roof conversion, the most commonplace variety. Another one is a hip to gable conversion. With this style, part of a hipped roof is converted to a gable roof. The third one, that we are focusing on for this post, are Mansard lofts.

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Could winter be a good time to have your loft converted?

Alvechurch Loft Conversion

Thanks partly to the Gulf Stream, the British winter is usually mild. It is not unusual for us to have wintry weather in early April as well as mid-December. Yet, many people choose to have a loft conversion in Spring and Summer, rather than winter. With the changeable nature of the British weather, the difference should be minimal.

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Are you thinking about getting a loft conversion for your home or commercial building space? There are many different advantages for having a loft conversion done. If the space is available and the right budget is in place, loft conversions offer a genuine return on your investment for the long-term gain.

Here, at Up Another Level, we have put together this handy image to showcase some of the different benefits which loft conversions have to offer. Whilst this does sound like a huge project to undertake, it can be relatively straight forward to carry out, using the right team of experienced professionals.

Loft Conversions


Benefits of a Loft Conversion:

  • Let in more light – By including large Velux windows in a loft conversion, more natural light can shine through the space which will help reduce the need to use electrical lighting in the room.
  • Increase house value – The property value of the house which includes a loft conversion, can be increased by up to 20%. Having more room in the house which has been properly converted as usable living space will help increase the value of your house.
  • No planning permission required (usually) – Whereas planning permission is usually associated with getting a house extension, it is not usually needed for loft conversions, since it involves converting existing house space, rather than building externally. Another benefit is that you do not need to inform the neighbours and probably won’t disturb or upset them.
  • Gain an extra room – If your house has every room filled with furniture, or used by different people, getting a loft conversion will mean you gain an extra space to use, from a home office room to a spare bedroom.
  • Increase storage space – Avoid having to use storage space elsewhere in the home and get all the extra room you need, by converting the existing space in your home that was previously unusable.
  • Insulate your home – Attics and lofts which are poorly insulated tend to lose up to half of their heat. By having a loft conversion, you can significantly lower your energy bills every year.
  • No loss of space outside – By extending the room in your house vertically, it means you don’t have to lose any garden space outside, so you won’t need to invest in a bigger garden shed or cut down your garden size.

Loft Conversions in The Midlands

What to know more? Here at Up Another Level, we have been specialising in loft conversions for over 15 years and have a team of experienced professionals who have the expertise to assist you. We cover most areas in and around The Midlands, including Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Conventry, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwick, Solihull and Worcester.

Give our loft conversions experts a call on any ofthe featured contact telephone numbers from our ‘Contact Us’ page or, alternatively, fill in the enquiry form online for a quick response.


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How to beef up your newly converted loft into an exciting place for work, rest, and play

Loft space image by Yampi.

A Blank Canvas: your newly converted loft has the potential to become a creative space for work, rest, and play. Image by Yampi (via Shutterstock).

The roof space of your home can add value to your property. Typically, the average loft is used as a spare bedroom or as extra storage space.

Then again, you might have enough bedrooms and storage space, and wish to use part of your home for more creative uses Something inventive. For our latest blog post, our suggestions should be enough to fuel your imagination. Read more »

amazing loft conversion

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If you are thinking of creating some additional space in your home, a loft conversion is a good choice. You can add different features in your loft to create a functional, appealing space. The features you include should meet your needs and match your personal style. Here are some of the ways to style your loft conversion.


1. Add a Spiral Staircase

One of the best ways to style a loft conversion is to include a spiral staircase. This kind of staircase adds some glamour to the loft space. A spiral staircase does not take as much space as a standard one. The staircase has to be gradual to make it easy for people to use it. Installing a spiral staircase also adds value to a home. If you have existing stairs, you can stack your new flight over them to reduce the amount of space used up.


2. Paint Walls and Ceilings in Same Color

Most loft conversions have sloping ceilings and walls and painting them in the same color gives you a perfect opportunity to highlight this aspect. You can also take advantage of close tints of the same color to create a modern space. Use paler shades to enhance the sensation of light in the loft conversion.


3. Put in Blinds

Blinds are a great way to ensure privacy in your loft conversation. Sliding blinds are particularly appropriate especially if they are built in because this makes the loft space appear neat. If you install some dormer windows, you should consider pull-down blinds or shutters.


4. Create Shelves

One of the best ways to get storage in a loft conversion is by creating shelves. Bespoke shelves are the best choice because they help you make the most of the space in your loft.


5. Layer Lighting

Layering your lighting helps you to create diverse effects in your loft conversion. Recessed lights work well on flat ceilings. You can also use some wall sconces to make the room brighter. If you are using the loft as an additional sleeping area, you should also include some bedside lights on the walls.


6. Use Flexible Furniture

Flexible furniture allows you to use a loft conversion for various purposes. For those who need additional sleeping space, a sofa-bed is a good example of a flexible piece of furniture that can be used for sitting and sleeping.


7. Soundproof Walls

Wooden floors are very popular among homeowners but when you are styling your loft conversion, you need to think about how much noise is transferred to the rooms below. Insulation can help to address this concern.


8. Install Rooflights

This is a great way to bring a lot more light into your loft conversion. You should make sure the roof lights are glazed to reduce the amount of heat absorbed or lost through the opening.


9. Provide En Suite Bathroom

This is essential if the loft will be used for sleeping or an office. An en suite bathroom makes it convenient, also adds to the property value of your home a little more because it’s an extra bathroom.


10. Board your Ceiling

To create a traditional look in your loft, you can board your ceiling. There are several affordable softwood boards to select from.

If you want to implement these ideas, we can fix you up with a specialist loft conversion so you can dig right in and get your loft looking like something out of the movies! Call us today and arrange for us to come and convert your loft.