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Alvechurch Loft ConversionLoft conversion enables you to add up some extra space in your house. Whether you need an extra bedroom, office or children’s play loft conversion may just be the solution you seek. Also, new rooms within the roof make for spectacular views and have immense character due to their shape.

Unlike other extensions, a loft conversion does not need you to build anything a fresh, which saves you, time and adds up space in your house.

Here are top 5 common loft conversion designs you should be looking into;

Hip to Gable loft conversion design
A hipped roof is one that slopes down on all four sides. If your house has this kind of roof, you can add some space by replacing the hips with a gable wall. The roof can then be extended over the gables to create more space.

Rooflight loft conversion design
This is the most cost-effective loft conversion design. All you need to do is add some roof lights at the front and the back of the loft. You can also consider adding windows to the gable walls. This design does not alter your original house plan but creates lesser space.

Dormer loft conversion design
In this design, dormer windows are added to the pitched roof plane. This creates more space at the bank and the front. In most instances, the space created may be small with one or two windows, but space can be more significant if executed across the roof width.

Gable to Gable loft conversion design
This conversion design is suitable for terraced houses. Here the rear roof rebuilt, and the gable walls are built up to raise the pitch, so it is almost level with the ceiling hence creating some significant space.
Mansard loft conversion design
This is a sophisticated design that involves replacing the entire roof with a box-like structure. The structure adds a new storey with 4 vertical walls with a flat rood. The mansard loft conversion creates enormous space, and you can even set up your master bedroom in the newly created space.

Roof replacement
You can fall back to this option if you have a shallow pitched roof. Using any of the above conversion designs on a shallow roof will cost you a lot of money. Hence this option can make economic sense for you.

Before opting for any loft conversion design, it is important to consider if your loft is suitable for conversion and if loft conversion is the most suitable way to create the much-needed space.

Up Another Level Loft Conversions Limited are the premier loft conversion company in Birmingham and West Midlands. We take pride in our clients and always ensure that we deliver quality services beyond their expectations. Also, we have over 15years experience in the industry which guarantees you of our professionalism. We would like to elevate your loft to a whole new level, contact us today for more information.

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Loft space ideas

Maximise your loft space (image by Alexandre Zveiger via Shutterstock)

If you require additional space, you can consider creating a loft. Working up in the attic is frequently the most financially savvy approach to expand your home, abstain from working over any of your garden territories and can increase the value of your home, as well.

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Planning Permission Loft Conversions

In most cases, you will need planning permission when doing a loft conversion, especially when the loft conversion will affect the structural integrity of the house. However, when performing a simple loft conversion that will not affect the structural integrity of your house, then a planning permission will not be required. This is referred to as permitted development.

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Up Another Level’s suggested soundtrack for loft conversion installers

Loft conversion tunes radio image by oTTo-supertramp (via Shutterstock).

Wired for sound: our selection of loft conversion themed tunes. Selena Vega transistor radio image by oTTo-supertramp (via Shutterstock).

Earlier this year, the construction industry received its own radio station, Fix Radio. It is available to listen to online and, in Greater London, on DAB. One thing the radio station has is targeted programmes aimed at our industrial sector. Thankfully, Can We Fix It? by Bob the Builder isn’t played every hour. Its musical output is more diverse. One thing the station lacks is a Chart Show. Supposing they did, here’s which tunes would be top of the Loft Conversion Hit Parade:

  1. Freak Me, Another Level;
  2. Up on the Roof, The Drifters;
  3. Up the Ladder to the Roof, The Supremes;
  4. Room in Your Heart, Living in a Box;
  5. Our House, Madness;
  6. Don’t Jump Off The Roof, Dad, Tommy Cooper;
  7. If I Was a Rich Man, Topol;
  8. Fixing a Hole, The Beatles;
  9. I Can’t Tell the Bottom from the Top, The Hollies;
  10. Don’t Look Down (The Sequel), Go West.

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How to have a loft conversion without the need for planning permission

Loft conversion without planning permission image bLilly Trott (via Shutterstock).

Loft conversion without planning permission image by Lilly Trott (via Shutterstock).

If you live within the West Midlands, and thinking about having a loft conversion, you have come to the right site. You can count on us for reliability, competitive quotes, and independent advice. Did you know that planning permission is exempt from some types of loft conversions?

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How loft conversions inspired the design of OMMX architects’ Naked House

In the last week, you may have come across OMMX architects’ Naked House project. Naked House are a non-profit sector group of community builders. Their aim is make housing affordable in Greater London, especially as the average house price in the capital is £580,000. This puts home ownership out of the reach of many key workers. Not least the stories of shoebox sized flats selling for the price of a semi-detached house in Hall Green.

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Creative Uses of a Loft Conversion #1: a safe place for your personal library

Loft library image by Who Is Danny? (via Shutterstock).

A bibliophile’s paradise: a library and study could be a good use for a newly converted loft. Image by Who Is Danny? (via Shutterstock).

Many people opt for loft conversions as a way of adding space to their home. They could be a most helpful way of shifting clutter from your living room or bedrooms. If you prefer to have a minimalist living room, the last thing you want are shelves and nick-nacks cluttering your lounge. What if you’re a book lover who cannot move for your personal library?

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How room in roof conversions offer a budget option

Room In Roof Conversions image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Cheap and Cheerful: a Room in Roof Conversion offers a no frills form of loft conversion which is suitable for budget conscious customers. Image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Did you know that the average loft conversion costs £35,000? The thirty-five grand figure is the going rate for a dormer loft conversion. Higher up the cost scale, you’re looking at £50k, if you need to raise the roof level – or change a hipped roof to a gabled roof to free up space. The lowest price for a loft conversion is around the £15,000 to £20,000 mark. For your £20k, you are talking about room in roof conversions. Read more »

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How loft conversions boost your home value by an average of 21%

Loft conversion boost image by ImageFlow

Bedroom At The Top: An attic conversion into a spare bedroom – especially with an en suite bathroom – may result in a 21% boost in your home’s value. Image by ImageFlow (via Shutterstock).

From Marston Green to Stechford, or Penkridge to Longbridge, many people turn to Up Another Level as a way of boosting space in their home. Loft conversions can offer another boost, especially in prosperous areas. Read more »

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A look at how hip to gable conversions can add space to your home

Leamington 1

In the field of loft conversions, there are three main types of conversion styles. One is the dormer roof conversion, which is the most commonplace variety. Another one is a Mansard loft, which we have covered in our previous article on the subject. The third one we are focusing on for this post, are hip to gable roof conversions. With this style, part of a hipped roof is converted to a gabled roof. Read more »