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How to have a loft conversion without the need for planning permission

Loft conversion without planning permission image bLilly Trott (via Shutterstock).

Loft conversion without planning permission image by Lilly Trott (via Shutterstock).

If you live within the West Midlands, and thinking about having a loft conversion, you have come to the right site. You can count on us for reliability, competitive quotes, and independent advice. Did you know that planning permission is exempt from some types of loft conversions?

If your choice of loft conversion entails a simple conversion indoors and a skylight window or two, you are in luck. You may have come across a phrase known as permitted development. This refers to any home improvement that doesn’t make too great a change to your home from the outside. If you make any greater cosmetic changes to your home, this is where planning permission is required.

Permitted Development

Any permitted development must adhere to the following criteria:

  • That volume allowances must not exceed 40m3 in terraced houses, and 50m3 in semi-detached and detached homes;
  • On rooflines fronting the highway, no extensions are permitted beyond the plane of your existing roof slope;
  • No extensions should be higher than the highest part of your roof;
  • No verandas, balconies, or raised platforms are permitted;
  • All window openings should be no lower than 1.7 metres from floor level;
  • Only opaque glazed windows should be added to the sides;
  • Without planning permission, roof extensions are not permitted in Designated Areas (for example: National Parks, conservation areas);
  • Roof extensions should be set back as far as possible, at least 20cm from the original roof. If you have a hip or gable roof, this doesn’t apply to your roof;
  • Roof enlargements cannot overhang over the outer face of the wall of the original home.

Up Another Level, 29 June 2017.

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