We offer loft conversions in Warwick as well as many other towns and cities throughout the West Midlands. Our goal is to offer a reliable quality service, that spans a large portion of the UK. All of our employees are trained to a high level and we truly believe you will find it hard to find another company that offers the exceptional service we do.

The cost of any loft conversion has a variety of determining factors, the most obvious one being the size of the area you would like to convert, the quality of fixtures and fittings you are hoping to use and the time frame required. In most cases a loft conversion will take around a month to complete with an expected cost in the region of £30,000. That said having a loft conversion adds more than just usable space, it adds value to a home, a loft converted home on average sells for 20% more than its unconverted counterpart, making your conversion a worthy investment.

While converting your loft we want to make your life as stress-free as possible, for us to achieve this we keep all noise and mess to a minimum, we want to avoid disrupting your daily routine which can be easier said than done, here at up another level loft conversions we go that extra mile to ensure our customers expectations are not only met but completely blown away.

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