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How loft conversions inspired the design of OMMX architects’ Naked House

In the last week, you may have come across OMMX architects’ Naked House project. Naked House are a non-profit sector group of community builders. Their aim is make housing affordable in Greater London, especially as the average house price in the capital is £580,000. This puts home ownership out of the reach of many key workers. Not least the stories of shoebox sized flats selling for the price of a semi-detached house in Hall Green.

The Mayor of Greater London, Sadiq Khan, gave the scheme its blessing. There will be 22 Naked House experimental homes in Enfield, which will come in naked and fully adapted states. They will all comply with the London Housing Design Guide standards.

If you go to their website, you will notice something familiar about their roofing style. You will find that 22 of their dwellings use Mansard roofs. OMMX, the architects of this development said: “The Naked House expands upon the common rear extension and loft conversion as an existing framework that people understand and feel comfortable with.”

Mansard lofts image by RedTC (via Shutterstock).

Colourful: If James Stirling or Terry Farrell did Mansard lofts. Image by RedTC (via Shutterstock).

Its rear extensions and lofts will give the houses 87 square metres of space. This will give occupants the chance to add three bedrooms within its two storeys. In response to trends where new housing estates have designed out neighbourhood interaction, Naked House will buck them. The courtyard style of the development is reminiscent of Victorian era terraced housing.

Up Another Level, 25 April 2017.

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