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How room in roof conversions offer a budget option

Room In Roof Conversions image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Cheap and Cheerful: a Room in Roof Conversion offers a no frills form of loft conversion which is suitable for budget conscious customers. Image by Radovan1 (via Shutterstock).

Did you know that the average loft conversion costs £35,000? The thirty-five grand figure is the going rate for a dormer loft conversion. Higher up the cost scale, you’re looking at £50k, if you need to raise the roof level – or change a hipped roof to a gabled roof to free up space. The lowest price for a loft conversion is around the £15,000 to £20,000 mark. For your £20k, you are talking about room in roof conversions.

What are Room in Roof Conversions?

Room in Roof Conversions are the most basic form of loft conversion. There are no changes to the roof other than the use of skylights. As with all conversion projects, these include the reinforcement of the floor; the addition of electrics, lighting, and heating; also the all-important staircase. Likewise with insulation and compliance of Building Regulations.

Skylights or Rooflights?

As to whether they are known as skylights or rooflights is open to debate; they are ultimately roof windows. For ease of reading, we shall stick to skylights. Skylights sit along the roofline. On a typical house roof, there would be two skylights. One of them should have a sufficient enough opening to serve as an escape window (in case of fire). Velux is one of the best known manufacturers of roof windows.

What about roof heights?

The minimum usable roof height should be 2.2 metres. Measurements should be taken from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the roofing joist.

Up Another Level Loft Conversions, 11 February 2017.

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