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Small loft conversion

Bigger Is Not Always Better – Ideas for Small Loft Conversions

Do you want a bigger home? If you do, then you don’t always have to move to get the space you’re after. Instead, you could choose to use the loft space in your home.

Compared to the cost and stress of moving, a loft conversion may offer a better way of gaining more living space. It will also add to the value of your home. It doesn’t matter if your loft is small – bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to small loft conversion ideas, there are several things you can consider to get the best results.

Use Light

With a small loft, there is always a risk that it can appear dark. To avoid this, it’s important that you make the most of the light. Ways you can do this include:

  • Avoid heavy, thick wooden furniture.
  •  Use mirrors about the loft to reflect any light around the room.
  • Consider painting the walls and inside roof with paint that reflects any light so making the loft appear brighter.

Also, avoid hanging any curtains in loft conversions. It is better to maximise the light from windows by not letting curtains obscure them.

Use the Space

With small loft conversion ideas, space will be a factor in the design. You may need to be creative in making the best use of it. Even if you think your loft is too small, don’t worry. So your loft conversion meets the current Building Regulations, the highest point in your loft needs to be 2.4m. The height is from the loft floor up to the highest point of the loft roof or ceiling. Once the conversion has happened, there needs to be a final standing room that is at least 2m. Other ways of creating additional space in a small loft include:

  • Installing Dormer windows. The innovative placement of them in a small loft can provide additional extra space.
  • Install storage that goes straight up rather than outwards.

Minimise Clutter

When it comes to including storage space in a small loft conversion, it can help to think creatively. The best way of doing this would be to remove any clutter if possible. By doing so, you won’t need as much storage space. Alternatively, you might think about fitting bespoke storage cabinets or shelving units. By combining maximising storage space with minimal clutter, it can help you make the most of the space in your loft.

Think Outside the Box

Loft conversion ideas for small lofts can sometimes mean you need to think outside the box when considering your options. Often loft conversions are used as a way of creating extra bedrooms. This does not always have to be the case. There are many other ideas for how you might make use of the space in your loft. You might, for example, consider using it as a study or a playroom.

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